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News 1. Our seminars that we have had here in Kazakhstan


1. Hegai Lev, a member of the International Association of Analytical Psychology, an yungian analyst, he has read «The history and theory of psychoanalysis» (2001), «Techniques and practice of psychoanalysis» (2002, 2003), «Basic of yungian analysis» (2005), «Role of the complexes» (2007), «Development of the concept of free associations» (2008).


2. The director of the Institute of Psychoanalysis (Moscow), professor Zimovets Sergey presented the seminar «Psychoanalytical consultation».

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News 2. Member of Group section of EFPP


2010 — our society became an associative member of Group section of EFPP. The Kazakhstan Psychoanalytic Association consists of 6 members and 16 candidates. At present, we have the open public meetings of our group every Friday evening. We discuss theoretical concepts or articles from the founders of psychoanalysis — S. Freud, A. Freud, M. Klein, etc. — we interpret someone’s dreams, discuss various cases, and try to carry out intervisions. All people are invited; we would like to present psychoanalysis to Kazakhstan.


News 3. KazIPSO conference


February 2008 — We have organized the KazIPSO conference. The participants were enjoyed and asked to repeat such an event in the future.


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